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The LectroFan EVO sleep sound machine uses state of the art technology to generate dynamic, realistic fan sounds, white noises, and ocean sounds to help block intrusive noises so you can relax, concentrate, and fall asleep easier.

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Introducing the next step in sleep sound technology,

‘LectroFan EVO

Soothing, non-looping white, pink, brown noise and ocean sounds based on 5-star rated sleep sound technology.

Sleep Soundly with EVO

White Noise is broadly spread across the sound spectrum, including low-frequency, mid-range, and high-frequency sounds. It can be compared to the sound of waterfall, with water falling at different speeds and hitting different surfaces.

Pink Noise is louder at the low-frequency end of the spectrum, and softer at the high end. The sound of light to medium rainfall is an example of real-world pink noise. the pink noises on the LectroFan are in the middle of the white noises.

Brown Noise is even deeper, even stronger, at the low end, and without the high frequency sounds of white and pink noise. It can sound similar to the hard, gentle surf that comes with a storm.

The LectroFan EVO features multiple sound options including brown, pink, pure white noise, and fan sounds. Also included are two distinct ocean sounds, which compliment the audio array. Relax and go to sleep to your favorite sound.

Sleep Through the Night

Scientifically developed non-looping sound minimizes noise disturbances, helping you sleep uninterrupted.

Improve Focus and Privacy

Use LectroFan EVO to improve focus during studying or at work. EVO also masks sound for exceptional speech privacy.

All Around Sound Solution

EVO helps you and your family sleep soundly. Use in bedrooms, living spaces or while traveling for quality sleep every night.

  • Provides ten fan sounds, ten white, pink and brown noise variations, and two varieties of ocean sounds — calm, and surf.
  • Helps mask disruptive environmental noises so you can fall asleep with ease
  • Safe, solid-state design is powered by AC or USB and dynamically creates unique, non-repeating sounds with no moving parts
  • Precise volume control, an optional timer, and a 3.5mm connector for headphones or a portable speaker to match your environment and sleep style
  • Also ideal for creating a disturbance-free work area, or just reducing the distracting effects of outside noises for a more relaxing environment, day or night

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Brand/Manufacturer: Adaptive Sound Technologies

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