Customers often ask us what are the main differences between the Lectrofan and Sound+Sleep devices, so here is a quick rundown.

The Lectrofan is specifically designed to reproduce fan sounds and white noise, it has one job and does it very well. It can produce 10 non-repeating fan sounds and 10 non-repeating white noise sounds, these sounds are dynamically generated on the fly and are not sound recordings that loop. This makes for exceptional sound reproduction so it sounds just like the real thing. The Lectrofan also features precise volume control and a shutoff timer that increments in 60 minutes every time the button is pressed.

The Sound+Sleep has 3 main differences. The first is that it doesn’t focus on white noise and fan sounds, it features a whole range of sounds including fire, train, meadow, rain, ocean etc. This means the Sound+Sleep is a much more versatile sound machine, it’s not just great for sleep but also great for other activities like meditation and relaxing study.

The second difference is that Sound+Sleep models offer richness (also known as the ‘Selection’ button), this feature dynamically adds extra sound profiles into the soundstory mix. For example on the meadow setting, if you press the richness/selection button it might add the occasional bird call, if you press it again it will add more sounds relative to the soundstory setting. This feature is useful for finding your exact preference on each soundstory.

The third difference is Sound+Sleep devices have Adaptive Sound Technology which cleverly increases and decreases the volume based on background noise and disturbance. For example if your neighbours start thumping around the Sound+Sleep will increases its volume gently but significantly enough to help block out the increased disturbance. If the disturbance stops, the Sound+Sleep will lower its volume back down.

So if you’re after a high quality, yet cost efficient device that focuses on white noise and fan sounds the Lectrofan is the perfect device. If you’re after a more feature rich device and have a slightly higher budget then the Sound+Sleep is the one to go for.