Lectrofan Micro


This product is now end of line. Click here to take a look at the updated Micro2! Same price, more features!

  • 10 Unique Non-repeating Digital Sounds for great sleep (5 Fan Sounds + 4 White Noises+ 1 Ocean)
  • Excellent Noise Masking (Louder than any competing machine in the same size and price)
  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker system for connecting to smartphones for audio playback
  • Precise Volume Control (1dB increments for 10x quieter–10x louder than fan machines)
  • Small, sleek, and stylish functional design
  • Adjustable speaker facing for full room sound
  • Ultra-portable, small enough to fit in your pocket
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Sleep Better and Enjoy Wireless Portable Audio 


LectroFan micro is the world’s only sound machine in a compact swivel design that gives you both sounds for sleep and a wireless speaker for enjoying ultra hi-fidelity audio on the go! You get everything in an innovative 2-in-1 design for the most premium portable sound machine. It is the most versatile fan sound and white noise machine for sleep, relaxation, study, and speech privacy.

The micro is also your ultra-portable wireless speaker system for enjoying music, audio books, and conference calls. Just pair the micro to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection and enjoy streaming audio! In addition, the innovative product design also allows you to swivel the speaker for audio playback direction to be either upward or front-ward. Enjoy multi-directional audio all with a fun simple twist!


LectroFan micro oers ten unique digital sounds for better sleep and sound masking. You can choose from five dierent fan sounds, four variations of pure white noise, plus an ocean soundstory. All sounds can be personalized with pin-point volume control, from a whisper to many times louder than mechanical fan based conditioners.

You can enjoy the flexibility of two power options to ensure your LectroFan micro is always charged. You get the USB power cable option or simply use the internal rechargeable battery. The LectroFan micro can last up to 16 hours in sleep-sound mode playing fan sounds and white noises or up to six hours in Bluetooth wireless audio mode. Bring the LectroFan micro on the go for great travel sleep and sound masking plus use for portable music fun!

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