White noise and sound machines are incredibly popular in the modern home to help your little one relax and settle into a routine, prevent disturbance from in or outside the home and most importantly have a great night’s sleep. Making sure your baby has quality sleep is the difference between the following day being soso or great, for both the baby and the parent. If a baby continues to have a bad sleep it can become a vicious cycle where the child and parent are both continuously tired. Let’s fix that.

We think the Lectrofan Kinder is by far the best sound machine for your baby, and let me give you 4 reasons why.

1) Lectrofan Kinder comes with more than 75 sound environments that are lush, rich and non-looping. This includes variations of white, pink and brown noise, a huge collection of lullabies, fan sounds, nature sounds such as a brook, campfire or meadow (to see the extensive list click here and scroll down and click the + icons). You and your baby will find the perfect sounds so you can both get a great night’s sleep.

2) There’s no need to disturb your toddler to change settings or turn off the sleep machine. The Kinder is designed to be used on your smartphone or tablet with a simple app. Change the volume, sound environment, nightlight (we’ll get to that!), and turn off the device all from the comfort of another room without having to disturb your child’s sleep. It works with iPhone and Android and works up to 50-feet away. Don’t worry though, you can still turn the Kinder on and off from the device itself. It will automatically continue with the same sound and lighting settings from the previous session.

3) A rainbow of light! The Kinder can project a beautiful fan of light onto the wall, choose your favourite colour and intensity or even set it to a multi-colour light show. It can be a great comfort for your child and it’s also a great way to give you some little help in a dark room without having to turn the main light on.

4) Guaranteed satisfaction. If you or your baby doesn’t like the Kinder (or any other device we sell) you can send it back within 30 days for a full refund! If you are happy with your sound machine and keep it, we provide a 2 year warranty so you don’t have to worry about it malfunctioning down the line. Combined with the free UK delivery, what do you have to lose? Your family deserves a great night’s sleep!

Although we believe the Lectrofan Kinder is the best device for you baby, there are still plenty of other sound machines that will do a great job. Take a look in our shop for the full range of our sound therapy and white noise machines. We are sure you will find one suitable for your family!