Brown noise is deeper and stronger at the low end, without the high frequency sounds of white and pink noise. It can sound similar to the hard, gentle surf that comes with a storm. It’s a unique frequency range and rare to find in many sound machines. Fortunately we do offer several sound machines with a brown noise profile:

Sound+Sleep SE – The Special Edition has a single brown noise profile, along with pink noise, white noise and 60+ other profiles. It’s our flagship sleep machine with an outstanding feature set and feedback.

Sound+Sleep Mini – The Mini also has a single brown noise, pink noise, white noise and 40+ other sound profiles. The Mini still has a great feature set but unlike the SE, it is much more suitable for travel due to its smaller size and optional use of batteries. Plus the Mini is at a cheaper price point compared to the SE.

Lectrofan Kinder – The Kinder has 5 brown noise profiles, ideal for finding the exact pitch. It also has a large range of variant for pink and white noise. The Kinder is designed specifically for children, babies and toddlers and features a custom-colour, calming night light and can be controlled by a smartphone app for convenience.

If you’re after all the features possible for the best chance of a good nights sleep, we strongly recommend the Sound+Sleep SE. If your after something easier on the pocket, or if you like to travel frequently the Sound+Sleep Mini might be the ideal sleep machine for you. If you have a child, then without a doubt the Lectrofan Kinder will be the perfect device for them, afterall it is nicknamed the bedtime buddy. Take a look at our range of sound machines in our shop.