So you’ve got a great bedtime routine at home, you get settled in at a certain time, have the same duvet, the same neighbours and the same great night’s sleep. However this all goes out the window when you have to travel, whether it’s going abroad or just staying at a friends. The same issue arises, loud neighbours, noisy traffic, unfamiliar sounds and environment. The solution many have discovered is taking a sound machine with them, whether it’s white noise, fan sounds or even nature sounds. The difficult bit is finding a sound machine that has the right amount of portability, yet has the features you’re after. Here is a list of the best white noise and sound machines for travel:

Starting with the most portable and most recommend for travel, the Lectrofan Micro. The Micro is similar to one of those small bluetooth speakers, yet this one has been specifically designed for portability while retaining its functionality. Not only is the Micro small enough to fit in your pocket, it still manages to have loud and high-quality sound. It primarily does this via the rotating speaker which can be precisely pointed at your sleeping position, you can then get the perfect volume as it uses small 1dB increments. The Micro can play 5 fan sounds, 4 white noise sounds and 1 ocean sound, and it can do this for whopping 8 hours from it’s rechargeable battery. The sounds and unique and non-repeating, so don’t worry about any sound repetition! It also functions as a bluetooth speaker, so you can connect it to your phone and play your favourite music.

The next device we would recommend would be the Sound+Sleep Mini. Unlike the Micro, the Mini doesn’t have a rechargeable battery, it instead uses 4 AA batteries. For some this is an advantage as you don’t have to worry about charging the device beforehand. It also allows the Mini to use the batteries as a backup if you have a power cut, that’s right it will switch automatically to battery power! The Mini has a much larger feature set than the Micro, including over 40 sound profiles including white noise, environment and nature sounds. It also has Adaptive Sound Technology which automatically increases the volume of the sound machine depending on it’s environment, for example if the street has suddenly become noisy the Mini will increase its volume to mask the disturbance, and lower it back down once the disturbance goes. It also has 30, 60, 90 minute timers!

If you are purely after the most portable device then the Micro is the one to go for due to its tiny size. However if you’re after a device that can also be used at home on a daily basis, the Mini is the clear winner. It’s still small enough to throw in the corner of a bag, but it has great features and functionality.