Brown Noise

White, Pink & Brown Noise – which is best for sleep?

The sound colour spectrum - white, pink and brown - have all been shown to help improve sleep. Choosing which one will help you sleep best can be hard to decide, so briefly I'll describe the difference. White noise - White noise contains a range of frequencies, all evenly distributed. Having the frequencies evenly distributed [...]

What is Brown Noise?

Most people are familiar with white noise, which sounds like a radio that hasn't been tuned properly. It is a constant sound that contains a range of frequencies. Brown noise is similar to this, however, brown noise has narrower range of frequencies. Compared to white noise (and pink noise), brown noise contains more deeper frequencies, [...]

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Which sound machines have brown noise?

Brown noise is deeper and stronger at the low end, without the high frequency sounds of white and pink noise. It can sound similar to the hard, gentle surf that comes with a storm. It's a unique frequency range and rare to find in many sound machines. Fortunately we do offer several sound machines with [...]

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